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Call us now - 01595 697579

Looking for a Chiropractor in Shetland? Welcome to Venture!


Do you suffer from back pain, headaches or a sports injury?


Well, help is at hand - literally.


Chiropractors are spine and joint specialists who use their hands to treat problems in these areas.


At Venture Chiropractic & Sports Injuries we'll give you relief from back pain, neck pain and headaches. As well as getting to the root of the cause quickly, we'll also give you postural advice and rehab exercises that will help prevent a recurrence of the problem.


Not just backs!


Yes, traditionally Chiropractors are considered the people to go to for back treatment but we also help with many other joint and muscle problems including sports injuries. As well as our Chiropractor, who has done extensive training in muscle release techniques, we have in-house services for Sports Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy.


What to expect from your first appointment


At your first appointment you'll be asked a lot of information about your symptoms and also your health history to help us build a good picture of what's going on. Find out more about your first appointment here.


Our ground floor clinic has free car parking outside and is conveniently located in central Lerwick.


Give us a call - we'll have you 'back' on your feet in no time.


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